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Ways to Contact Me

My email is pobronson_email.jpg (14106 bytes)

Please always tell me where you're writing from; I just like to know where people are, maybe it makes it a little more real for me, and I keep a little map that indexes by location everyone who's written me. 

To get in touch with me through my agents or filter-types, use the following list. Please do not bother these people unless inappropriately:

My publisher for my new forthcoming book on the wild science of parenting is the Hachette imprint Twelve. My editor is Jon Karp and to arrange any interviews, you can contact me directly or contact Twelve's publicity director, Cary Goldstein, 212 364 1266.

My publisher for books like What Should I Do With My Life and Why Do I Love These People is Random House. For interview, you can contact me directly or try my Random House publicist, Brian McLendon,, 212 572 2681.

Literary Agency: Curtis Brown Ltd, 212 473 5400.

Speaking: If you are interested in Ashley or I speaking about NurtureShock and the new science of children, please email me and we will set you up with our speaking representatives.

Television: Ari Greenburg at Endeavor, 310 248 2000, or

You can also email me directly, pobronson_email.jpg (14106 bytes) 

Please be aware that during the launch of a new book, I'm away from my email and under a lot of time demands, so I apologize for any difficulty I have getting back to you right away.