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My Mailing List

Can I let you know when I have a book or article or movie coming out, or will be appearing in your city? I estimate two emails a year, and I usually add in some commentary or excerpts from recent writings. Nobody but me will be allowed to see your email address.

As a sample, you can read my last email to readers here.

I use a double opt-in system managed by Vertical Response, which receives top ratings for security. (I've had several conversations with the CEO, personally, so believe me: your email address is safe here.) When you input your email and location here, you will receive an email link that you must click to confirm. Just clicking on it does it - no more forms. You can remove yourself from the list anytime.

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I want to receive mailings from Po Bronson

Here's why I keep this list: In these transitory times, I want direct contact with my readers. I want to be less dependent upon my publisher, bookstores, and media outlets to let you know something as simple as when my next book is out. This web site is entirely mine: I write it, I build it, I maintain it, errors and all.

People on this list have helped me and been involved in the following ways: 

  • I set up a program with for them to get signed, personalized first editions

  • I asked for their help in picking a book cover. For that story, click here.

  • I sent advance galleys to a few dozen people on the list to get early feedback.

I won't loan or trade your email to anybody else. I'm not interested in peppering you with little personal observations masquerading as a newsletter. You won't be getting email from me every two weeks begging you to come back to this site.