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My Other Random Projects
(Creations that don't fit other categories)


Wedding Vows - Yes, I have been asked to write wedding vows, by people who aren't really sure any grand statements can be made about love, but are getting married anyway. If this sounds like you, feel free to borrow these.

Speeches. I give a lot of speeches. Sometimes they are about my books. Sometimes they are not.  

The One? - A short film about why we imagine there is "A One" out there for us

For Kids - a few projects I've created for the children of friends.

The Poettes - my line of greeting cards, circa 1986-7.

Villa International - Some of my most creative work is done on the soccer field, actually. You can read about our day at San Quention State Prison. You can also read about the year we had to form a new team, which I performed as a monologue called Good Ingredients.   

Consortium Book Sales & Distribution - the company in Minnesota, which I am very proud of. Consortium is the exclusive distributor for over 70 fine independent presses.