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Non-Fiction Archive:
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Why Do I Love These People? (2005)
What Should I Do With My Life? (2003)
The Nudist on the Late Shift (1999)

Magazine Articles
A Prayer Before Dying (Science & Belief)
Ronaldo 1998 (Sports)
Club Med (Travel)
Muzak Inc. (Yes, Muzak) (Oddball)

The Tao of Money
Do We All Have A Story?

I have only archived a small portion of my magazine work. I have written dozens of pieces for at least a dozen magazines, or more, but I don't always have digital copies. 

I began writing non-fiction in 1996. I started it to earn money between books, but I soon learned to love it - perhaps even more than fiction. I think it's harder to write, because you don't have the luxury of making stuff up. It means, at times, that you have to draw on every resource you have as a writer to make a piece sing. Not to mention how hard it is to find a story, get sources, get them to talk, get the right details for the story you envision telling.