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Why Do I Love These People?

This is another in my unique style of social documentary, using incredibly real stories from ordinary people surviving the challenges of their family.

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Sample Chapters
Please go ahead and invite your friends and family to read these and help spread the word. The ones that are complete chapters are in PDF format, which are easier for you to print. (The four excerpts marked with an asterisk * are available only temporarily.)

Our Blog
Ashley Merryman and I have begun a blog about topics relating to families and "Why Do I Love These People?" (Ashley was my researcher on the book and she is my co-author on The Factbook on Family.) 

Who's Reading This Book
Why Do I Love These People? has been shared among siblings, shared among friends - no surprise there. It's brought people closer to their families, but it's also given many inspiration to break from a certain member of their family. WDILTP has also been used by some psychotherapists to help their client-patients. (It's also been a common gift from patients to their therapists.) Many ministers and pastors have quoted from the book in their Sunday sermons. And it's even being taught in writing classes, used as models to help students tell their own family story.

More Reviews

In the Press
A nearly complete list of all the places WDILTP has been publicized.

Tour Appearances
Check out the bookstores and other places I was on tour, from November of 2005 to February of 2006.

Book Clubs
If your Book Club is reading Why Do I Love These People?, please write me and feel free to ask questions. I know it's rare for a book club to be reading a hardcover book and I'm happy to help. 
Here are some questions you can use for your book club.

Cover Story
Since I took the unusual step of polling 2,000 of my readers (500 at a time) to help pick a book jacket (for the U.S. market), I owed it to them to explain how we ended up with the muddy boots image - since it wasn't their first choice.

A Talk With The Author
This actually comes from my publisher's materials

Letters to the Families
If you have read the book, you can help me by writing a letter to the families in the book, to let them know how their stories have affected you. No need to write any family individually, just a general "To the Families" letter will do. A paragraph is plenty. Please send it to me, with "To the Families" in the subject line, and I will distribute them to the families. My email:

The Factbook
Also, if you have read the book, you might be looking for the hundreds of pages of research we compiled and synthesized - which I mention in the appendix. This is what we call the Factbook. The Factbook is a centralized storing house of memos we wrote on family issues, with particular regard to cross-cultural comparisons and the history of family. Be prepared to have your eyes opened by what you read. The Factbook would be a 600 page book by itself were it printed out. It draws upon over 500 sources. To our surprise, nothing quite like this yet existed on the web, publicly available. Family research has become so stratified and specialized that there is no single place that covers most of the significant issues. The Factbook is appropriate for both general readers and for scholars and journalists who cover family issues.

Also, if you are looking for the sources of the statistics and observations made either in the "Halftime" chapter or in the Appendix, look at the bottom of the Factbook index.

Signed first editions
Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered a signed copy. I was in Portland signing your books. This was a huge success. I signed over 2600 without taking a break. Was that a record? Yes, I was informed it was a record. Did I sign every one? Yes. How long did it take? If I signed one every 14 seconds, that would take 12 hours. Did I sign one every 14 seconds? Gratefully. Was I tired? Not really. How many books is that in the picture below? Only about 200.

Preview of the Book
I don't have any excerpts of the book on my site, not yet. I'm not afraid of giving it away - rather, it is the kind of book best read when you have the whole book in your hand. However, this page describes the book vaguely. I kept this on my site while I was writing the book, to describe the process by which it came together.


"An incredibly moving book that no one should miss. Bronson's unpretentious, down-to-earth style infuses the stories with compassion and hope."
- The Richmond Review (Canada)

"Remarkable. All the stories are fascinating. The result is a book that is real, complex, and intensely human."
- Sydney Morning Herald

"Heart melting ... beautiful ... complicated and wonderful."
- Oakland Tribune

"A triumph of hope ... the three years spent by Bronson studying multicultural and multi-generational families has been worth the effort." - Harmony Magazine, India

"Riveting ... Intimate ... Achingly real"
-Seattle Times

"Gritty ... inspirational ... Bronson's subjects emerge as ordinary heroes." - The Age (Melbourne's daily newspaper)

"Deeply comforting ... Wonderful ... tugs at the heart strings and makes you marvel. Funny, insightful and concise, sorting the emotion from the stories into something applicable to us all. Will most likely motivate many readers to be better sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and parents."
- Sunday Telegraph (Australia) 

"It's difficult to have a dry eye when you get to the end ... In the hands of Bronson, their years of struggle to keep their family together takes on a magnificence that transcends"
-Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Absolutely marvelous ... consoling ... a decent, heartening, kind and healing book to read - and give. The integrity of Bronson's prose style as well as the incredible sweetness of those he writes about give him 24-karat credibility."
- Washington Post

"* * * *" (4 stars/highest rating) 
- People

"Extraordinary" -Daily Mirror (UK)

"Cathartic ... something for everyone ... you'll find the music of Bronson's families resonating against the music of your own. These are meaty, meticulously-researched tales - the naked truth without exaggeration for emotional effect."

"Inspiring ... Magnificent" 
- Beliefnet's 'Ten Best of the Year' 

"Stunning and Profound" 
- Barnes&

"It will make you want to hug every relative in sight." 
- Glamour, Editor's Pick

"Bronson is a modern Studs Terkel"
- Glasgow Herald

"Spellbinding" -Josh Kornbluth, The Josh Kornbluth Show

"Miraculous and compelling"
- San Diego Union Tribune 

"Don't miss out on this celebration of the family. As you are drawn into the stories, you will come across pain and suffering, but also deeply satisfying joy that comes essentially from connecting with people. These are not band-aid solutions that you can copy-paste into your life. What they will do instead is grab you by the heart." 
-The Times of India

"Will tighten the throat of just about any reader."
- Wall Street Journal

"Compelling and inspiring. Stirring. Bronson emerges as an optimist in a field full of pessimists." 
- Seattle P.I. 'Books to Dazzle'

"Why do I love this book? Because it proves its thesis. Don't look for a partner with whom you have no problems, but one you are good at overcoming problems with."
- The Guardian (UK)

"Extraordinary wisdom"
- Hawke's Bay Today (New Zealand)

- Book Reporter

- Richmond Times Dispatch

"Heartbreaking ... Each chapter can leave the reader in tears"
- Orlando Sentinel

"Surprising revelations to a society accustomed to thinking no one's ever had it so bad. [Bronson finds] tremendous beauty in the ugliness of family life"
-National Post

"Powerful ... unlocks the essence of what it means to be a family in today's world." - Columbus Parent

-The Globe & Mail

"Besides breaking down all those stereotypes we harbor, what Bronson's book will do is make you think your own family is worth fighting for."
- Albuquerque Journal

"Compelling and philosophical"
-Nashville City Paper

"A subversive real life thriller"
- East Bay Express

- To the Best of Our Knowledge

"A powerful statement about the state of family life. " 
- BookBitch

"A powerful reminder of the complexity of the family relationship and why it is worth keeping that bond intact."
-Edmonton Sun

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